In 1991, I was attending the NCO Academy, a two-month-long military leadership, and management school.  Part of the curriculum required us to prepare a pro-con speech for an audience.  They gave me a long list of potential subjects to speak about, and I chose healthcare.  When I researched the subject I was shocked to find that many people could be refused life-saving medical procedures for lack of medical insurance.  I was shocked to learn that only two countries in the civilized world did not provide their citizens some form of free medical care, the United States, and South Africa.

Before, the Affordable Care Act my brother-in-law had a heart attack in his yard.  They took him to the hospital where he was stabilized and scheduled to have some stints put in to open some closed arteries.  The surgery was later canceled when the hospital learned he had no health insurance.

In November of 2012, my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  I had insurance so we were able to get her into surgery and have all cancer removed within two months.  However, the woman that went into surgery just before my wife did not have medical insurance, so after she was diagnosed, she had to raise a forty-thousand dollar deposit before she could have the surgery performed.  By the time she raised the money, cancer had spread all over her body.  All they could do was sew her back up and tell her it was too late.  They estimated that this woman had only 6 more months to live.  This should never happen!  No man, woman or child should ever die for something that is treatable just because they cannot afford life-saving health insurance.

I have watched as the Republicans have tried to repeal the ACA, was it the single-payer health care plan I had dreamed about, no, was it the best healthcare plan that they could pass at the time, yes I believe it was.



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