·       A.S. Contracts Mgmt., B.S. Liberal Studies depth Psych and Mgmt., 210 Semester Hrs.
·       Completed 4 professional leadership and management schools and more than a dozen continuing education leadership and management courses for managers and supervisors.
·       Have highest possible professional certification in federal contracting, over 100 professional courses completed.
·       Retired 24-year US Air Force Vietnam Era Veteran and a retired 16-year federal government employee.
·       Experienced Military Aircraft Mechanic, Military Flight Engineer, and Federal Contract Specialist.
·       Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight and Aviation Ground Instructor for Airplanes and Gliders.
·       Have 36 yrs. working with government contracts; researching regulations, legal statues, legislative intent, negotiating and awarding contracts, settling contract claims and protests.
·       Held contracting officer warrants with authority to bind government up to $75 million per transaction. 
·       17 yrs. managing & supervising others, one year as a senior analyst writing acquisition policy guides.
·       Part-Time Subcontract Instructor, Government Acquisition and Contracting Courses.
·       AARP Tax Aide Volunteer Preparing Senior Citizen Tax Returns.
·       Director, Home Owners Association with 277 properties 2015 to 2018.


·       Deployed to support Operation Desert Storm following a terrorist bombing attack on Khobar Towers in Dhahran.
·       Deployed to Sheikhisa Air Base to provide support to troops scrambled for Operation Desert Strike.
·       Recipient of Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) “Professionalism in Contracting” award in FY 1995.
·       PACAF’s FY 1995 nominee for the Secretary of the Air Force “Professionalism in Contracting” award, the highest-level contracting award in the U.S. Air Force.
·       Three overseas permanent duty stations; Germany, Azores, Japan.




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