The future of our country depends on bringing back Unions, Pension Plans, and a Living Wage!  Every student should have to study the history and the struggles of the labor movement.  For the first time in probably 100 years, young adults are facing a future retirement that pails in comparison to the retirements of their parents and grandparents.

Unions peaked in the 1950s and have been under attack by large businesses since 1980.  As unions are slowly dissolved, wages will dwindle down to less than fair and livable wages.  Oh, but wait, for many people, we are already there!  Since the Reagan years, there has been a slow movement to not only destroy the unions and middle class but a transfer of our national debt to working-class Americans.

Reagan cut or reduced taxes on the large corporations and the rich and then started taxing social security.  Trump just cut taxes for corporations and the rich and added one or two trillion to the national debt, that has to be paid back with interest.  Again, now the debt has been transferred to the working class.

People in the workforce today have no concept of the struggles of those before them.  Even before unions the government tried to pass laws requiring fair wages, only to have businesses try to circumvent the laws by requiring employees to return kickbacks to the company, or other creative ways to have the money returned, whether by requiring purchases from company stores, or uniform rental or any number of creative ways to avoid compliance with the laws.

When the employees tried to unionize and demand safe working conditions, reasonable workweeks, and livable wages, the businesses responded by bringing in hired thugs to intimidate, threaten, and coerce employees not to unionize.  In order to punish firms that engaged in unlawful activities against strikers, the Anti-Pinkerton Act of 1893 was passed.

Anyone that watches any of the old western movies is sure to have watched the Pinkerton Agency working for the railroads, essentially stealing farms to clear the way for the railroad coming through their land.

If I were to list all of the major events of the labor movement it would date back to the 1600’s and cover a dozen pages.  So, I will just encourage you to Google the struggles of the labor movement in the United States.  Many people suffered and died in the process.  Okay, so you are doing fine and have never belonged to a union, your wages, union or not, are a direct result of the unions.  Wages in all areas of society are under pressure to rise to keep pace with competing union jobs.

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