Ignorance and a basic lack of all the facts is the key ingredient for the Republican’s successful control of the Rightwing Christian Church.  With promises of appointing conservative rightwing judges to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), and an implied ability to overturn Roe vs. Wade, they have successfully attracted Rightwing Christians to voting Republican for over 4 decades (40 years).

Should any of us let them in on the little secret, that the Republicans have controlled the SCOTUS for that entire time?  Should any of us let them in on the little secret that the U.S. Constitution protects a women’s right to privacy, and gives women some control over her health care choices, making it impossible to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

Abortion is not a pleasant subject, and we cannot imagine how difficult it is for women that find themselves in a situation where they are considering that option.  Yet, for those of us that accept the reality of the situation, and a woman’s right to privacy, and those that defend a woman’s right to make choices concerning and control over her own body, we are demonized.

The Republicans also demonize every social safety net pushed by Democrats.  Republicans don’t like to criticize socialistic Social Security and Medicare too loudly because hey, as long as the wolf can dress up like grandma and they don’t notice, best keep quiet about those popular deal killers.  But, many other socialistic programs are fair game, such as welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, fair wages, and subsidized housing.

Let us avoid talking about corporate welfare; companies paying less than a living wage so that all taxpayers subsidize their payroll.  Let us avoid talking about subsidizing the house payments of the homeowners with mortgage interest deductions, while people too poor to purchase a home cannot even deduct their credit card interest.  Let us avoid talking about business owners that avoid taxes by having their homes, cars, and airplanes listed as business property or expenses.

Before the religious right starts demonizing the Democrat's platform they need to take a second look at the New Testament and see whose platform best mirrors the teachings of Christ.  I will give you a hint; Republican ideology is contrary to and inconsistent with Christian doctrine.  Trying to understand the Republican platform?  Just follow the money and you will soon understand that religion has nothing to do with it.



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